We have implemented a non-traditional pricing model at The Studio which allows us to offer a full schedule of group fitness classes each week. The model involves a small monthly or annual fee for all members, see below, as well as a fee of $2.50 for each regular class you attend. 

The monthly or annual fee covers the general expenses of The Studio and the class fee goes directly to the instructor. This a-la carte approach is more equitable for the members (as your monthly fees are related to the number of classes you attend), and for the instructors (who are rewarded for the number of participants in each class).

Drop-in Fee:

We have very reasonable drop-in rates of just $10 per class ($13 for Small Group Training sessions).
No need to make an appointment - just show up, allowing yourself enough time to complete a waiver form and get settled:-)

Membership Options:

  • Individual: $26/mo EFT or $272 Annual, paid-in-Full

  • Couple (same household): $42/mo EFT or $416 Annual, Paid-in-Full

  • Senior (age 62+): $21/mo EFT or $229 Annual, Paid-in-Full

  • Student: $21/mo EFT or $208 Annual, Paid-in-Full. (NOTE: UMass Grad Students are eligible for $190 GEO Wellness Reimbursement)

  • NOTE: For all options, above, the member also pays an additional fee of $2.50 for each regular class they attend.

  • Unlimited Classes: $89/mo EFT

Stop in, Sign-Up Today and Receive the Following Member Benefits:

  • Free class opportunities

  • Priority reservation for LesMills™ new releases.

  • Free fitness assessments during our Health Fairs

  • Reduced rates for Specialty Programs

  • Reduced rates for Personal Training

  • Ability to 'freeze' your membership for up to 3 months (minimum of 1 month)

NOTE: Many health insurance plans will reimburse you for a portion of your membership fees to qualified health club facilities. See our "Insurance Reimbursement" page for more information.