Insurance Reimbursement

We know that starting or staying with an exercise routine is not always easy. Here at The Aerobics and Fitness Studio we strive to give you a variety of fitness classes and programs to keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals. If this is not enough, however, and you need a bit more incentive, read on...

Do you know that many Health Insurance Plans offer incentives to encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle? It is true! Many plans can save you up to $150.00 per calendar year in qualified health club membership fees. Some may reimburse as much as $300.00 every six months!

Most health insurance plans require a minimum membership of four consecutive months per calendar year in a qualified health club or facility. Contact your plan administrator directly for more details.

Some of the more popular plans offering reimbursements are listed below:

  • BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts (

  • Fallon (

  • Harvard Pilgrim (

  • Health New England (

  • Tufts (

  • United Health Care Oxford (

Are you a UMass Grad Student or Post Doc?
If so, you are eligible for $190 GEO Wellness Reimbursement!
Membership dues and Nutrition/Health Coaching fees qualify for this reimbursement.
For more information, go to: